Gujarat’s Agricultural Miracle

Agriculture is the source of livelihood for more than 60% of India’s population. Over the last decade,Narendra Modi envisioned a key role for agriculture in Gujarat’s development. Through initiatives such as Krishi Mahotsav, he has transformed Gujarat’s agrarian landscape.

Today, with 11% growth rate, Gujarat’s agriculture is growing much more that the national growth rate i.e. 3%



  • Outstanding Agricultural Growth Rate – Gujarat’s Growth – 10.8% v/s Nation’s Growth – 3.3%.
  • Gujarat’s Farmers 7 times richer – Incomes rise from Rs.14,000 cr in 2001 to Rs.96,000 cr in 2011.
  • 40% increase in agricultural land – Increase from 106 lakh hectares to 145 lakh hectares in 10 years.
  • Excellent Infrastructure for Farmers – Quality Electricity, Unlimited Water, Better Connectivity to Markets.
  • Krushi Mahotsav-Khushi Mahotsav – Scientific Farming : bringing smiles to Gujarat’s farm.

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